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The Haworth Softball Team sponsored a bake sale fund-raiser for Hand to Hand, Inc.,during Idabel Fall Fest.



Hand to Hand, Inc. was approved on December 1, 1989 as a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  On July 19, 1989, we were incorporated as a “Not for Profit” corporation by the Oklahoma Secretary of State. We were also granted an Oklahoma Sales Tax Exemption Permit.


Hand to Hand, Inc. receives no direct federal or state funding.  We rely solely on small grants and local donations.  We apply each year for some funding through FEMA (Emergency Food Program), and we have received several local grants from International Paper and Little Dixie Community Action Center.  Our primary source of recurring local revenue comes from monthly donations from individuals and several local churches, including Bypass Church of Christ, Trinity Baptist Church, St. Frances de Sales Catholic Church, Haworth Church of Christ and Redland Methodist Church. We hold various fund-raisers through-out the year, including bake sale booths at Idabel Dogwood Days and Idabel Fall Fest. And we host a benefit dinner each year, which was sponsored by the Haworth Goodwater Lodge this year.  The balance of our revenue comes through local donations from civic organizations, businesses, churches, and individuals.

Bear State Bank in Idabel sponsors an annual food drive for Hand to Hand, Inc., each year in November and December.

The Haworth Eastern Star sponsored two food drives for Hand to Hand this past year.

Our primary source of food for the pantry comes from the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.  We are able to receive a variety of food products at reduced or no-cost. However, sometimes the items available do not meet our local needs. In addition, we partner with Idabel Wal-Mart and we do daily pick-ups of food which would otherwise be discarded.  Food which must be used quickly is shared with several local entities, including both the Idabel, Haworth and Tom Senior Nutrition Centers, and Immanuel Baptist Church in Idabel, which operates a small food pantry, and provides a weekly dinner for the elderly and homeless in Idabel.  We also work with several local grocery stores, including Save-A-Lot and Broken Bow Pruitt's, to purchase bulk quantities of non-perishable food for use in the Food Pantry.  When funds are available, Little Dixie Community Action and FEMA (Emergency Food Program) help provide funding for these purchases.  The balance of our food comes from local food drives.  Food drives have been sponsored by several local businesses, civic organizations, churches and schools. 



Hand to Hand, Inc. operates on a very small budget.  Our primary expense is for operating the food pantry.  We currently have one part-time employee working as Pantry Manager, for 20 hours per week, and she is paid through VISTA.  Another major expense is for operation and maintenance of the food pantry, including utilities and maintaining the food pantry appliances. The rest of our funds are spent for food purchases.  No board members are paid for their services; however we do pay mileage to our director who drives from Haworth to Idabel 4-5 times a week for food pick-up and delivery.  In January 2019, we will have to begin paying rent on the building (which was previously rent-free). Our only other expense is for office supplies. We have no other administrative or overhead costs.

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